I drunk messages my instructor?

I have a crush on this guy. We used to be in the same group in class for a project sk I have his email but not his number. Yesterday I was drunk and somehow thinks it's a good idea to email my crush and tell him how I feel about him and how much I want him. Ironically, his name starts with the same letter as my instructor and I sent that emailed to her! I didn't notife that until this morning after I woke up. So far no reply from her yet wtf do I do now? The content was really sexual it's so embarrassing I will have her class tmr please helppppp?


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  • noooooooo if u r drunk better avoid. u should b sober if u wanna confess yer feelings to him


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  • Lol!! Awesome.
    Just send her another email explaining what happened.

    • I'm hoping it will end up in her spam mail but I don't think it will! I'm still hoping she somehow won't receive that email thats why I'm hesitated to email her to explain :/

    • Oh I see! She doesn't know ur email does she? Because she could totally think it's spam. I wouldn't worry, but wow that's so funny. The buildup until finally seeing her makes it more nerve wrecking but she'll either laugh it off or not know at all.

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