What are good conversation tips to get to know your partner?

I'm in a new relationship me and my boyfriend are getting to know each other. We're getting to know what bothers each other and how we both communicate. He is different from anyone I ever dated. He helps me to become a better person and helps me see things that I should work on. He is very honest and blunt and yesterday he told me that I ask a lot of questions that have no significance to him and I force conversations. At first I was a little upset but then I realized that maybe I do ask too many questions. But I only ask questions to get to know things about him. I guess we have two different ways of communicating. How can I learn more about him without asking so many questions or with out the conversations feeling forced?


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  • 1. Want are you good at?
    2. What are you interest?
    3. What are kinks? (this is the deal breaker here)
    4. Find out how much compromise he is willing to give you. Communication built relationships but communication and compromise builds marriages.

    • what do you mean by kinks? And ask him how much he's willing to compromise with me in general with anything?

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    • Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it.

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  • Ask questions to each other and debate on various topics.