Help, I'm really confused on what to do and no judgemental/hating comments please?

I was dating this guy for a year than I broke up with him because I wanted to be with another guy and I dated him than he broke up with me because we lived an hour away from each other. Throughout the relationship with the second guy, I was missing my first boyfriend a little bit whenever I saw him longboard past my house when guy number 2 broke up with me I got back together with my first boyfriend I didn't want to right away but he like maniuplated me back into it by harming himself and saying he would do it until he got me back. I was so stupid and now again I am unsure if I want to be with this boy, I'm missing boy number 2 but I don't know what to do about the boyfriend I have now I am unsure of my feelings and if I tell him that he will seriously cry and I can't just break up with him again he'll cry and be depressed, won't sleep or eat, and will harm himself. Please give me serious help only and no hate, I'm really not in the mood to deal with that..


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  • You need to back away from boys and focus on yourself.
    Be honest: How well do you even know yourself? How much do you even explore yourself outside of the role as a girlfriend? Do you honestly even possess any hobbies or interests outside of playing the game of love?

    It doesn't sound like it :/ You're young. You'll have plenty of time to give your heart later. This inconsistency where you go back and forth from guy to guy is unhealthy, unfair, and not right to all parties involved INCLUDING YOURSELF. I think you need to stop dating for a bit, enjoy your youth, let time do it's thing and whatever is meant to be will be.

    • I just don't want to hurt him again, I can't.. It really tears me apart seeing him so depressed.

    • That's exactly why you need to leave him alone for the time being. Your actions towards him have already been so selfish and messed up.

    • How am I being selfish? I'm thinking of him..

  • you should tell him.

    • This would be a really unfair, selfish, inconsiderate decision @Asker seeing as you've already put him through so much.