My girlfriend is taking out her bad day on me?

She recently got a bruised lip and a big bruise on the side of her jaw and stitches on her nose for a rock climbing accident. I was with her and her brother at the movies and I asked her a question and she blew me off in front of her brother. I got really upset about this but decided to let it go because maybe she just didn't feel like talking to anyone.

We we were hanging out today again and she seemed moody and bitchy to me. I dropped her off at her house early because of the way she was being. Just little things like I would make jokes and she wouldn't even laugh and I'm a funny guy. She apologized for being that way and said she was just sad about her lips and jaw.

im not sure how to react to the way she is being.


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  • Just be there for her. She's upset about her lip and it's probably just because your around. Just give her time and eventually she'll go back to normal

  • just distance yourself from her.


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