Is there any way to kind of tell if a guy I'm talking to on an online dating site is just wanting to hookup?

We've been talking for a few days. He seems nice and smart and down-to-earth and funny. Conversation has been good. Just been getting to know each other.
We're gonna meet for coffee at some point (though his first idea was a movie marathon, to which I said great, but maybe coffee first, cause, you know, stranger danger. He said of course.), but I always worry that any guy I talk to/meet is just gonna try sleep with me, and that's all he's gonna want. I've never been in a relationship, and I've never had sex, so that kind of thing is gonna take a lot of time.
So yeah, any signs I can look for, or something?


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  • Basically you can tell if he makes a lot of attempts to get you in the mood. Like touching your thigh. Or trying to make out heavily instead of light kissing. Because heavy kissing always turns into other things. Also if he is constantly making references to sex. Or trying to get you into his bed. Taking off any clothes because it makes him more comfortable or trying to take your clothes off also coming extremely close into your space.


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  • Is there away to tell if a woman is using me for only money and free food, and just a first date. Basically, NO, so live with this.

    • Alright, goodness, fair enough.

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    • I am also describing the type of women that will use guys to get free meals and never reciprocate

    • I have had that done plenty of times

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  • give it a lot of time and you'll see.