When does dating change to a relationship for yo?


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  • when he asks me to be official.


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  • when she understands that Sex is a need, when she understands that I want silence sometimes, when she cooks for me without being asked, when she dresses up for me with no apparent reason, when she is the one that initiated sex (makes me feel wanted), when she can support herself financially (if I am paying FOR EVERYTHING) then she is an expensive toy, when she starts splitting bills after dates with me, when she starts planning the dates (we will take turns), when she agrees to start paying some bills (this isn't the 1920's), when she knows how to PROPERLY handle and argument (instead of just lashing out and yelling), when she can communicate her desires (AND NOT EXPECT ME TO KNOW THEM ALREADY), THAT is such a huge pet peeve of mine, any woman that expects this is a fu$57*% moron, then I will gladly commit.

    • Wow you sound really frustrated with a long list. I do all of the above but wouldn't do so if my partner saw them as obligations.

      I cook for a man because I love him and enjoy making his fav meal. I will surprise a guy w tickets to something he likes to show I know about him and it brings me joy to see him happy.

      Honestly though if a man makes 3 times what I make we shouldn't be splitting the bills on dates. If he makes a lot of money he might carry more of the check but I'll cook really nice meals, wear sexy underwear, and buy him random thoughtful gifts that take a long time to find.

      I do still believe in courting of sorts. Open the door for me, pay for nice dinner or flowers. I have my own fashion of showing a returning love. The love I give outweighs anything money can buy, it is genuine.

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    • Honey that's way to much for a first date. Go to a HH and drinks no food hour max idled it isn't going well. I never do dinner fora first date. I wouldn't do dinner until a third date.

    • Based on your own established principles and under current in this conversation, you do expect him to pay but you don't want him to expect you to dress sexy or to cook much later for him, how hypocritical.

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