Never see her alone. Text ask her out?

I want to ask out a friend and coworker, but there are always other coworkers around us, or at least in earshot, whether it be at work or socially.

the closest chance is maybe I'll see her on the way to or from the bathroom which is kind of weird. given the low probability of one on one conversation, what are your thoughts on sending her a text asking her if she wants to get a drink?


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  • I see nothing wrong with that. You could even let her know after you've met up for that drink that there seemed to be no other way to ask her out except through texting.

    • I feel like that's something I would say right away.
      Text 1- ask out
      Text 2- (a moment later) I would have preferred to ask you in person but there's never a moment at work that allowed for that.

    • Asked her out, but I'm in the friend zone. lol. Cest la vie

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  • She might have bf? you never know if you don't try!


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