Starting new relationship, but will be out of town of the year?

Hi! I need some advice. I met a girl recently and have gone on a date with her. We have hit it off really well and we text each other constantly and talk/facetime almost daily. I know that she is going to be someone special even though we have only had 1 date. I am currently away from town to see family and will be taking her on a second date when I get back.

The problem is that I will be away from town almost 2 months at a time for the next 6-7 months. I haven't told her the news and I am not sure how to break it to her. I really want things to work out. What should I do? Also, what would your reaction be if you were the girl? Would you decide to try long-distance?


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  • Give it a chance. If it's worth it try long-distance.


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