Why is he not responding?

we've been crushing on each other for 3 months and then found out about it few weeks ago and we started talking to each other and for the first 4-5days he was really romantic with his text like saying good morning beautiful or a good morning princess how are you doing how's your day been you know being really involved in really wanting to learn more about me in we had so much fun hanging out and then the last few days probably 6 I haven't heard from him at all I've seen him on Facebook but he hasn't replied to any of those messages or a phone calls or texts the last two times I've hung out with him it's like I'm not even there we've shared it may be a few minutes just addressed as to where he acted like we used to but even the one and we were on the bus together his friend was across from us and he put his arm around me and that was it I want things to be like it used to be I want him to asking you to be as girlfriend I want I want him to want me in I want him to fight for me and our relationship why is he acting like this what did I do wrong.


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  • He sounds immature and I don't think he knows what he wants.

    Catch the bus together? High school? Definitely immature.

    I dated a guy like this for about a month. He was a few years younger than me and did the whole "arm around me acting like how he used to" but wouldn't make time for me and be as responsive. Then he actually told me he doesn't want a relationship.
    I'd let him go.

    • But he's only 265 days younger then me and when we kiss it's like Nothing I've ever felt before in my life and he says he really likes me but he doesn't act like he used to it's like now that he knows I like him and we started acting like a couple he's like well I got the girl so now I don't have to keep doing. what I was she not leaving me

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    • Thank you for the advice.

    • yw! :) good luck

  • simple he doesn't want to talk to you!

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