Guys, I need help please. did I messed up?

I’m freaking out right now!!
So I have been flirting with this guy from time to time. But tonight I decided to let him know I don’t want sex and that I like him and want to get to know him. We were texting. All he said was “yeah sure hahaha well goodnight I have to get up early tomorrow” then I just wrote back its okay if you don’t ill still be cool with you. and I put goodnight. He did not respond back. I feel like I messed up and maybe went in too hot? My only concern is that his sister is my friend and now I hope I did not make things awkward.


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  • well here is the good news. . you are right he didn't actually need to get to bed right then and there. the bad news is that his actions took one of a few different paths. either he read all that and was suddenly blindsided or he is uninterested in a nonsexual relationship.
    in both cases your next step should be to talk to him tomorrow morning and ask him out to lunch or for coffee. this is mostly because if he was blindsided he will most likely be curious about what to do and unsure how to respond ( this does not guarantee a yes response from him but it does help speed things along significantly). if on the other hand he is just chasing tail he will most likely turn you down because you have already ( and rightly so) shut the door on early sex in the relationship.
    i wish you luck

    • Yeah he never wrote back to me. And he is completely ignoring me. So I got my answer. He was suppose go to a friends birthday party but did not show up and when I saw him on the street in his car he look at me then turned fast. So I feel like shit now. I feel like a monster

    • this actually isn't the worst case scenario. he is scared and trying to avoid facing that fear. this is a whole lot better then him just being a perv.
      give him a couple days to breathe. depending on how close of a friend his sister is she can probably help arrange it where he has to come face to face with you. it would be best to do it in a place where he feels secure like his room or a favorite hangout. try to avoid doing it around his friends or parents. be careful with him and let him gather his thoughts on the matter before you bring it up. when he does or if he tries to make a run for it just keep in mind that as a general rule that guys before age 25 are almost exclusively emotionally under developed and don't handle their emotions in the most logical ways. some worse than others.

      also on a personal note i think what you did was quite bold of you and commendable. too few girls are willing to tell a guy straight up how they feel. next time don't do it via text

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  • He wanted the draws you basically said he has to wait at least a month and he basically said "deuces"

  • maybe he went to bed and didn't see it

  • Why did you flirt with him, before getting to know him first?

  • Forget about he being your friend's brother. I don't think your friend would be the one taking the dick.