Dating girl for months, leaving in 4 weeks, next move?


So I have been dating this girl since 1. April, about 2 1/2 months, overall it's been creatively amazing. Every date I planned was simply priceless, we spend a lot of time with each other's friends, we barely text or call ( she isn't techie) and see each other maybe 1-3x a week at the most but it's always moments we cherish.

For me she is the person that makes my mind go blank and someone with my form of butterfly mind you can truly appreciate quietness.

We have done most things you do in the first few weeks of dating but we had a small DTR talk a few weeks ago subtely that she might be going back forever for studies, or another gap year or w/e so she didn't want to start anything that she could maybe not. Otherwise we are both trying to avoid it. At the end of that first DTR talk she positively saw how everyone is stressing her to make her life decisions and I was the only one incredibly understanding and calm/patient.

Now this past Sunday I found out the parting date which leaves us with only 4 weekends, I am ok with long distance and truly ready but she is young and if she wants to explore another part of the world for a few months holding her back (unless it's what she wants) isn't necessarily healthy nor fun

I suppose I have to accept I might never see her again, we haven't fought or disagreed over anything, she is finally after 3 months opening up and talking more personal which is great, we have a fantastic chemistry but I am wondering if we should establish anything, or just date and then forget this chapter.

I suggested a small holiday for 2-4 days to really enjoy the last few moments we have together in an exotic place (spain, east Europe or some island), but yeah... I would have liked to DTR but these things should be fluid and never forced, so that's why I have played every step carefully along the way...

Tips on what to do next? I am never selfish but for once, out of all the charm and chivalry I want her to know how amazing she is


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  • take her somewhere nice.

    • I clearly have that in mind, but besides maybe taking her out more on strolls, park picnics, lakes, even on a weekend or 3-4 day trip to a hot place like spain/greece... anything else I should or can do?

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