Is this guy not interested in me?

So I met him yesterday after talking online for a few weeks. He lives with his sister and her baby and boyfriend. Me and his sister got along great and his baby niece loved me. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and told me all of his deep secrets and was like "I've told you more than anyone" but then mentioned that he cuddled and kissed this girl he worked with a few weeks ago but he wasn't into her. He didn't even kiss me like I wished he would have. It seemed like either he was afraid to touch me or didn't want to. We hung out for like 7 hours though. He's like I want you to come back and was like I want you to cook for me sometime. He got into all this deep philosophical talk and seemed comfortable talking to me, as I was listening to him. So what's up with him?


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  • he has another girl on the hook?