Girls, who would you rather date?

Girls, who would you rather date?

  • Bald, overweight, rich and funny
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  • Male model, below average personality, average money
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  • Good looking, good personality, below average money
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  • Below average looks, good personality, financially secure
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  • Male model, very good personality, broke
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  • Sorry, I just wanted to chime in. Asking a beautiful woman whether her potential partner's money is important to her would be like asking a guy whether his potential partner's looks are important to him. The answer they SAY is almost always "no", but their actions are usually opposite of their words, and actions speak louder than words. So, it's pointless to ask, because you usually just get B.S.

    The fact is, you never see the USA's most beautiful women with men who are NOT rich.

    Want a woman who's drop-dead gorgeous? Fine, but you'll have to get rich first.

    For example, take those dirtbag rockers Travis Barker and Kid Rock. If they weren't rich, the kind of women that you see them with now would not even give them the time of day. You're used to seeing them getting Playboy centerfolds, right? That's MONEY that does that for them, not personality, and not looks ( obviously ).

    Ever watch the beginning of a NASCAR race? During the national anthem, the camerman walks down the row of drivers standing there with their smoking-hot trophy wives. How do you think they got women who look like that? With their ability to drive a car fast?

    Ever watch the end of a PGA golf on Sunday, and the wife of the guy who won runs out onto the green to hug her husband? Notice how gorgeous she is? How do you think he got her? With his ability to swing a golf club?

    Ever see a red-carpet event where there are TV and movie stars, and the male stars always have gorgeous women with them? How do you think he got them? With his ability to act?

    Millions of dollars = beautiful women. . $30,000 per year = average-looking women.

    Life works the way that it works. If you make 30-40 thousand dollars per year, that's fine, but you will have to settle for less in a mate.

    There will be a few exceptions once in a great while. Like, if the guy is really good-looking he might not have a lot of money and still be able to get a good looking girl. . But eventually, she might leave him for a guy who IS rich, because she can.

    On the other side of it, when you see extremely unattractive men, such as the aforementioned Kid Rock, comedian Bill Mahr, singer/actor Lyle Lovett, singer/musician Seal, or any really unattractive man getting a drop-dead gorgeous girl, it's OBVIOUS how he's getting her: money. . After all, have you ever seen an unattractive man who ISN'T rich getting drop-dead gorgeous women? No way, Jose.

    Granted, those guys have to have some internal quality to be able to hold onto the girl after he gets her. But to initially get her, he has to have the big bucks.

    The most beautiful women have the luxury of being able to get rich men with their looks. But don't ask them, because they'll just verbally deny that that's what they want. That's human nature.

    Good luck to you.


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  • I voted E, because that was the only one with "VERY GOOD PERSONALITY". Everything else was "good personality". The only thing I didn't like about E was the fact that he's a model, because he might be really dumb, or boring. But I chose it anyway because a good personality is what I need to be happy in a relationship. Money and Looks, don't last forever. So I don't care if he's broke. It sucks but, he could easily get a job and earn money, if he wanted to.

    As long as he doesn't borrow money from me, or have me pay all the time, then we're good :)

  • I don't care about money. I never want to be in a situation again where I am depend on someone else for money. I have a job and will be done with school soon so I know I can take care of my self financially. When, and if, I decide to settle down again I won't care how much money he makes, as long as he has a job and I don't have to take care of him. I do care that he is smart, funny, charming, passionate and a good looking guy, Doesn't have to be perfect because god knows Im not but good looking enough to keep my interests.

  • I agree with Ashley. I just mentioned in another question that I'm pretty proud of my financial independence, and so it wouldn't make too much difference to me whether a guy has a lot of money, as long as he's working and isn't a bum (hence why I didn't vote for the male model). A good personality is an absolute MUST, because if I can't get along with him then things aren't going to last. And let's face it, I've got to at least be a bit attracted to him. He doesn't have to be conventionally good-looking, but there's got to be some kind of attraction there. So, I'd go with the good-looking guy with the good personality who made a below-average amount of money.

    Of course, your question assumes that all other things are equal. Obviously, with real guys, things are going to be different just because of individual personality quirks, traits, or whatever. But knowing only what you've said about those 5 guys, that's how I'd choose.

  • I voted See but I know that there are more then 5 type of guys out there. I think as long as the guy has a good personality, I will definitely hang with him!

    When it comes to serious dating, I look for the good personality more so then the looks. If he's funny and down to earth, easy going, trust worthy, respectful, nice and overall has this good personality, he's got me hooked. Looks are important in its own territory but personality over rides that area.

  • This poll seems a little biased, since obviously guys fit into more categories than this. Nonetheless, I voted for good looking, good personality and below average money. A man can always make more money but I also want someone who I am at least attracted to and someone who has a good personality.

    What you have listed are pretty stereotypical, so hopefully you get lots of responses other than votes to get the answers you are looking for.

  • How about the attractive, great personality artist that's getting by and is an amazing boyfriend? That's my pick.

  • Someone with dark blonde hair and blue eyes with a nice body


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