If a guy wants to go out on a date, will he tell the girl very explicitly that it's a date?

Hi guys and girls who've been in relationships, if you ask a girl out on a date, how do you do that? Do you ask something like "want to go for lunch?" Or would you say "would you like to go on a date with me over lunch" and specifically mention it's a date? My friend's been sick the past few days and summer break starts next week, so her guy friend (same university classes) offered to keep her assignments, and asked her to meet for lunch sometime during semester break "so that he could hand her her assignments". The two of them having been talking and snapchatting a lot (he's a sociable guy but doesn't usual go out one on one with freinds). To me the passing homework thing seems like an excuse to have a date-ish lunch with her as he could have easily dropped by her house to bring her her stuff and she stays so near school. Would this be considered a date? Both parties are single.

  • This sounds like a date... Guys won't say specifically that it's a date
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  • I would let the girl know that it's a date so this isn't a date
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  • Don't know
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  • Some guys are direct but some guys are indirect, it's not really possible to know in advance just see how he acts at lunch.


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  • This is exactly what you think it is, a round about way of having lunch with her. The intent is unclear but likely an attempt to get to know her better.

    • Ok so it may merely be a friendly gesture on the guy's part?

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  • I feel like they dont.. but not sure.

  • sometimes they don't have to