Is he interested in her or interested in me?

There is guys I know at work and I kind of like him, as I think he might like me and he seems to be a great guy too. However, recently, not only he expresses some interested sigs to me (like being quite protective to me , like he always stands up for me when my manager ask to me do something that is considered as annoying by most co workers there, being over concerned about me, always stand super close behind me, like I can feel his chest and his breath, sometimes catch him staring at me, and if I catch him looking , he will look away quickily and stare back.) , he expresses some interested sign in another girl ( like always make the effort to come to her position and talks to her, but not any other coworkers, and I always see them together, and I saw him brushed against her once when he walked passes that girl , and he rarely approach me to talk causally , only ask questions like are you ok?)
I feel so confused, cause like me and the other girl are the only 2 persons that I feel like he gives more attention and he treats us differently from the others. So, do you think he likes me or he likes her? Or Is he just treating us as friend? Thank you !

He does touch me often too , like pat my shoulder lightly , and he bumped into me for once and brushes against my back for once too
Not sure if the bump was an accident or on purpose


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and... Fickle as a pickle.
    This is the case of this typical "Not ready to be in a relationship" sort of guy, with no strings attached and from what I am seeing... The writing on the wall and all is pointing to... That girl now.
    The next time, Casanova pulls his "Sugar n Spice" Nice Act, be civil but semi sweet so you can be the apple at the top of the tree hardest to Get and... Gab with.
    If he is One way with you when she isn't looking, then when You are Watching, he is brushing you off for her benefit.
    Good luck. xx

    • Sorry, what do u mean, I don't really understand what u are trying to say , except the " that girl now ":(

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    • So what can I do?

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this man... just be civil as I say and if he happens to turn all of his attention to you again, don't wear your heart on your sleeve, he could do it again. Unless he comes right out and asks You out even, be cool. xx

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  • if he is doing extra, such as touching and comin around her more, he likes her more. I've been there before. He may just find her more attractive and may feel more of a connection with her.

  • maybe he likes you both or maybe he considers you both friends.