How to be boyfriend of a girl who already had an ex in the past because thing like praise etc would be very common to her. We're just friends for now?

Why is nobody answering this question here?


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  • her ex doesn't matter.


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  • It is a very odd question to try and answer but let me give it a shot for you.
    Her ex really doesn't matter all that much here. Yes you want to avoid making his mistakes and every guy wants to know what th exs did right. But no girl has a magic cheat code that if you jump through all her hoops in the right order she will love you.
    Every girl and every guy likes to be complimented about the things that they are proud and insecure about. Some dont handle it quite as would be expected so dont assume that just because you compliment her that she will be putty in your hands.
    If you want the relationship to last longer than just a few dates then you will need to be honest with her not only in what few ( yes there should only be a few) compliments you give her but also in how you act around her.
    While nobodies advice anyone perfect for everyone if you chill out and relax with her and avoid trying to fake yourpersonality, you will avoid both of you wasting a lot of time on a relationship that doesn't work or her avoiding the next date.

    I hope that helps you out some