Girls would a guy that is a doctor?

Earn your trust more and if you saw him working in your local clinic.
Would he be more trustworthy then other random guys and he is also polite and smiles a lot
so gives the vibe of being a safe guy.

Would you trust this type of guy more when you first meet?


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  • No, I wouldn't date him or trust him more because he is a doctor, because I'm a med student and I've seen plenty of them, all the people I know will become doctors and they are all normal people.

    • I see your point but trust me the med students change when they become licensed it comes with the territory

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  • I would think so

  • You meant "Would you date a guy that is a doctor?"

    • I`m not asking for that I wan`t to see if they get more trust

    • Your question is lacking something so it doesn't make sense

  • Doctors are hucksters. General practitioners know shit and shove you off to a specialist who can claim ignorance of your problem if it even has a hint of falling under someone else's specialty.

    No accountability whatsoever.

    And they've outsourced the business side to insurance companies and others, so that they no longer know what the hell their extraneous and unneeded procedures and game of tag with other specialists cost the patient.

    Exploitative as hell.

    And the only thing they know is whether they should prescribe a pill (which they always do, even for a virus--which everyone should know is entirely unnecessary) or a surgery. They know shit about biomechanics, so if you have a sore shoulder, they won't be able to give you the right recommendation for fixing it (they'll tell you to stretch it rather than strengthen it, with the addition of stretching and not strengthening your pectoral muscles).

    Ignorant as fuck too.

    Seriously, and I truly mean this, someone can put a gun to a doctor's head and pull the trigger and I won't give a fuck. Hell, I'd clap--one less scumbag in the world. Let the doctor's brains paint the fucking hallway.

    • I guess you have had a bad experience with a doctor

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    • I did say there are a few reputable people.

      However, I wouldn't classify everyone who does volunteer work as being paragons of virtue.

      I live near Harvard University. I get to see firsthand the calculated posturing of people trying to make it big in society. I see many students volunteering or doing temporary alternate career paths, one "great thing" or another, for one reason only: self-advancement. Teach for America. Doctors Without Borders.

      It's cynical and destructive.

      There are some people who do those things with genuine good-will in their hearts. But they are still very much a minority.

    • fair enough