Kissing a guy you knew for five years?

known a guy for roughly five years now.
had crushed here and there on him.
recently weve been both crushing on each other. but i feel as though we wouldn't work out futher than crushes.. bc of different backgrounds, religiion, slight age difference moslty.
should i be like screw it lol yolo kiss the guy why not, he's gotta muatal crush Right?
or should be more cautions... ( but i dont want to hurt his feelings if i decide not to kiss him ) ( as well as also wonder what would have happpened if I did) ... bc we may end up getting hurt emotionlly...


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  • when u say religion... r u both very religious?

    • im christian, i am religious. he's an atheist

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    • since he's ok wid it... and never made any reference on it as well... guess it'd b ok

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