I have very little dating experience and have no idea how to "deal" with the guy im seeing/talking to?

I have very little dating experience and February this year was the first time i dated/talked to a guy over a long period of time (about 3 months, before i realised we had nothing in common).

This guy was very out going and joked aorund a lot and he was touchy pretty much on the first date ( holding my hands and giving me a hug)

Anyway, im talking to this other guy now, but he's different then the last guy and im not sure how to handle it. He is "normal" outgoing, not very outgoing, maybe a little shy. he's more serious than the other guy, and he's not as touchy as the last guy either. Actually this guy hasn't touched me at all, only when i went for a kiss.

Sometimes i feel like i send mix signals (but dont realise it before later) and i dont want to do that, and i want to show this guy that im actually interested. But im not sure how to do that because he doesn't message me a lot at all, the other guy messaged me pretty much daily.

So obviously very different people.. and im not sure how to deal with this guy.. any advice? I dont know if it matters but the first guy is 21 and a student and this guy is 25 and has a job.


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  • why should it be so complicated? why should it require experience? thats why all these relationshps fail. thats not true love, and its not meant to last. love is simple, only sin brings complexity and confusion.

    • sin?

    • well i mean the societal idea of "romance" and "love". and the modern hookup and club culture. all that require some sort of technicallity, presenting a certain image, manipulation skills and seduction. in my opinion true love is much simpler it needs none of these things.

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  • It's good if he isn't touchy feely straight away as it shows he ain't after one thing guys who are a hands on usually want things to move fast hence why they act fast

    • yeah, i know :) but any advice on this guy? he obviously dont text that much, either that or he is waiting for me to text... so should i wait until he texts me or?

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    • Yeah see how it goes don't worry yet 😊

    • Thanks dear 😀 An good luck 👌

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  • I would say do some research on yourself and your relationship needs and skills. This is not something to be taken lightly. It could effect your whole future. Get some counseling.
    Because it seems like you had a closer relationship with the other guy, but he did not satisfy your need for success. But the other guy doesn't satisfy you emotionally, but you think he's a better catch because of the job. No judgement intended. We all want what we want and need what we need and we shouldn't fight those needs. But we must know what they are and how to deal with them. That's why I suggested some counseling. Because I had the exact same doubts, and left them to be ignored. Now they have taken over my life and turned into regrets. You are still very young and you seem smart to ask such a question, so soon too.
    I wish I had.
    Good luck!