Should I text him?

I asked for his number because we were meeting somewhere and I needed to be able to find him. I don't want to be that annoying girl that texts him all the time. Text him once and see what happens? Don't text him at all? He has MY number... wait and see if he texts me? I don't know.

We go the the same University but know each other from church. We were the only two people from our group of friends going to this church thing and I was going to be late so I wanted to be able to find him so I asked for his number. It was not a date.
The main thing is, I don't know if I need to treat having his number as a "i needed it to find him once and that's it" or "now I have it so that's an open door for communication."


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  • I always prefer to call rather than text. Texting leaves far too many doors open for misinterpretation of message, response, response time, language used, etc... If you want to chat with the guy just call him. If you get his VM, leave him a nice one just saying hello and giving him your number again.

    There are plenty of circumstances in which texting is appropriate, but not this one. Best go direct.


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  • Now that I've read the updates, I'd say you could probably text him every now and then. But if you do text him, wait for him to text you the next time. And if he doesn't engage in conversation or he's short with you, I'd just not text him. But if you've known him a couple of months, I think that it's time that you could text him. Just send him a 'Hey I'm bored what are you up to?'

  • So wait, you were getting together somewhere for school? Or was it a date? If it was a date, text him again. If you were just meeting up for some other reason, I'd wait. Does he go to your school? If so talk to him before assuming you're going to be 'that annoying girl' haha, because he might like you back. There is a lot missing from your information, sorry hah, so that's all I have to go by.

    • I added more info lol. Ya we're just friends no dating. I don't know if he likes me back. He's shy and nice and not flirty so if he does he doesn't show it. So I'm afraid he doesn't. I like him though lol. I don't wanna screw up a perfectly good growing friendship (we just met a couple months ago) so who knows.

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