Ok what now? How do I not mess this up?

Finally talked to the hot woman who is on the bus everyday. Made a joke and she laughed. We chatted and she asked lots of questions, seemed interested, lots of eye contact and she touched me twice on the arm. My gut says it went really well. She was all smiles and seemed happy when she got off. But I've been fooled before. So is there a 'test' I can do to confirm she is interested? Do I ask for a # tomorrow or wait longer? What do you think? It's been a very long time since I've done this.

Hero cookie to any girls who can offer pointers/ideas. 😊
Well this morning she went and sat on another part of the bus. Wtf?


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  • F "quizzes" and "tests" Just ask her to do something. What do you have to lose? Why spend any more time trying to figure out what she's thinking when you can just go up and ask her?

    She seems interested, and simply ask her if she like to talk about whatever you strike up discussing on the bus over lunch sometime. That way you can get her number and go from there.

    And don't wait, or some other guy not worrying about what tactic to employ on her to see whether she's interested in him or not , might ask her out and she'll be off the market, so go get her! :-)

    • Good point. Just figured I shouldn't act too desperate. So go for the kill eh?

    • Absolutely. You don't have to come off as desperate. You just think she's a nice girl and want to get to know more about her beyond a short bus ride. Nothing too desperate or creepy about that at all.

      Now quit typing and go get 'em! :-)

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  • Sounds like she's interested make sure she knows you are interested in her more than a friend by flirting teasing her just invite her out ask her for her number and go from there

  • Ask for a date ASAP... get her number only when she agrees to a date. Don't give her too much attention or tell her too much about yourself until you are on a date (don't kill the intrigue).

    • What if the date would have to be next weekend? Time constraints etc . Should I ask tomorrow or wait a few days?

    • Wait a few days, but still ask early in the week... then do not talk about the date, and limit conversation with her until you go out.