My boyfriend is furious and I can't figure out what it is?

So my boyfriend got mad at me last night, and I have no idea why.. i went to go sleep on the couch where he usually comes and gets me after awhile. He left me there, i woke up and found myself alone and this gave me some anxiety. I went to the bedroom where he was sleeping and crawled in. He then didn't touch me or hold me at all for the whole night. Which is unusual because he holds me all night. Then today comes and im just laying on the bed watching greys anatomy all day when finally he tells me to go take a shower, I asked him why? And all he said just go take a shower. When I got out of the shower, he was lying on the bed back to ignoring me hardcore. After about an hour I try to talk to him ask him if he wanted space, he got pissed got up went into the bathroom, slammed the door, came back out and proceeded to slam the bedroom door. I left to give him space, but what the hell? I've done nothing, and i am really upset.


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  • He may be needing an excuse to be angry at you so he'll have a reason to break up. His behavior seems rather odd if it's uncharacteristic of him.

    I think you should give him his space and then some, and let him call you and apologize for being a jack ass to you. What the hell? Are you his servant? He ordered you to go take a shower? Fuck that. You should be upset and until he apologizes and explains why he was a jerk, then you should stay away from him. You didn't do anything and you definitely do not deserve to be treated like that.

    • haha, problem is that we live together. To me it sounded like he wanted to take me somewhere, then i dont know what happened!

    • Okay, well I can see how that might be a problem. You don't want to play games with him by ignoring him, but you're certainly within your right to explain if there was something you did to upset him, you'd prefer he tell you instead of act all passive aggressive like he did. You can also explain his temper tantrums aren't necessary and don't help anything, but only hurt you.

      There's also the business about him ordering you to go take a shower like you're a young kid and he's your dad. What's up with that?

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  • Buy him a passifier. He is acting like a baby.

  • sounds like something you should definitely already know. If you honestly don't know the only thing you can do is wait until he's cooled off enough to tell you but he may be upset that you actually don't know why he is so angry with you.

  • either batshit crazy, or cheated and has qualms now... .


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