What does the type of date a guy chooses say about his intentions, if anything?

What does it mean if a guy asks you to do X on a second or third date? What does it say about his intentions?

-- Walk in the park
-- Coffee
-- Lunch
-- Dinner
-- Movie

Does a guy suggesting lunch over dinner mean something different? If so, what?


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  • sounds like a typical date in my opinion... unles he insists goin 2 yer home after da movie...


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  • Well, watching a movie at your house or his may mean that he wants to get a little more intimate. A walk in the park could mean that he doesn't have money to spend or doesn't want to spend it. It could also mean that he loves the outdoors, though, so I wouldn't jump into conclusions that easily. Each one of the ones you mentioned, except for the movie, are pretty much the same: they mean he wants to know you.

  • You can't really tell what his intentions are just by those things.

    A guy who just wants to get laid will suggest whatever date he thinks you want to go on.

    Same with a guy who wants a relationship.


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