I love her and I can die for her... but dont know what she think?

I love a girl she is my friends sister.
And i know her more than a year.. she is shy... i live with her family but they treat her like a servent..
Around four month ago she text me first time... and after conversation said dont to tell to her family.. then we started chatting daily.. but she called me brother... One day i went in my friends wedding then she sent a pic of i miss you... and one day she send her pics to me and ask how m looking? around a month ago she said dont call me beautiful... then i said i consider you as a friend... if you consider me a friend then text me ,. next day she send a good morning message... but i replied that you again text me., then she didn't replied.. after some day she send me a hello but ehen i replied she didn't replied., after 20 days i came her home and say sorry.. then she didn't reply but i saw she typing but not sending me text...
After two days i shared her brother pic with her and she say thanks to me... now she is talking me normaly but calls me brother but not in texts,
She tels me everything how they treat her... and everything., now you please help me what i do?


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