Girls, I am clueless on what the girl I like is thinking?

Ok so i know this lady and we went out together for afew times and she always late, even when she is the one who set the time. She told me that that is her style and habit of being late so I never probe too much about it. Since the first time we went out, she tend to praise me that i am good and cute, no matter is my looks or the way i talk. Afew times i noticed that she keep looking at me when we go out together even though we are not conversing.
Once she told me that I touched her heart and she got abit interest in me but she would like to know me more before we can proceed into relationship and currently she is out in overseas for 2 months. The thing is, she never initiates conversations in texting, her replys are always slow and short, sometimes with only smiley faces and she never ask questions about me to know me more. So is she really interested in me or there is some part of female actions/thinking that i dont understand here? Need your advices thank you in advance.

Sorry for my bad English :(


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  • I think she's very interested but she's also very shy

    • Yes but then she also said that she felt uncomfortable if i touched her like holding her arm or tapping her. Liking someone but doesn't like to be touched by that person?

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