The guys that you have the great first date with and never call

Ok I think this was a topic on SATC but geez it honestly happened to me this week! I go out with this great guy we go to a great sushi restaurant and a nightclub/bar afterward and had a hilarious time with a fun band and everything we even got a room in the area we were in so we didn't drink and drive (no sex) so then he nailed down the second date and even confirms it two days later.

Then today the day of the date I call him to ask hey are we still on and I get the oh you know I can't I have an early meeting tomorrow. WTF?! And he cuts it short with oh I have a client on the other line call you back later now its 5 hours later and nothing! Unbelievable! So if he calls what should I do? Any suggestions? I'm saying VOICEMAIL JERK!


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  • Definitely, let the voice-mail talk to him. I had a guy pull something kinda similar but not as rough (sounds like you guys really connected on that date). I think my date was trying to pull some hard-to-get crap. I finally just said that I honestly was not into playing games, I am a straight-forward kind of girl and don't appreciate this. He was not expecting that and I think was kind of hurt but he admitted it being wrong and asked for another chance. After I gave it to him, the next dates were great. We ended up not sticking together but at least our relationship was not based on chasing and playing games.

    • Yeah I hate games too! I thought we connected but apparently NOT! Can't believe the lack of courtesy! Like if I hadn't of called him I wouldn't even know he was flaking on me! I've had a series of bad dates lately so I really thought this might be something that would be continous apparently I was WRONG!

    • What if its the other way around? What if a you have a great date and the girl doesn't call the guy? Even though she said she enjoyed his company and then they would will talk later. But there was no more response after that. What does that mean?