Am I being strung along?

Been talking to this guy for 3 weeks now.
I finally met him face to face and we hit it off.
He talks to me a lot about deep issues and says he talks to me more than anyone.
He says I'm gorgeous all the time and messages me throughout the day. I get along with his family as well and I'm welcome over anytime. I mean we laugh so much!
Thing is he works with this chick and he admitted he cuddled with her and did "other things" weeks ago but he's not into her.
The thing is he didn't touch me at all and didn't kiss me or hug but yet he gushes about how beautiful I am and how much he wants to see me more and more. Since he had contact with her and not me is it safe to say he's not into me like that and that she's more of an interest to him? How should I go about this?


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  • If you were talking to him when he did other things you say with some girl then drop him


What Girls Said 1

  • 3 weeks is a short time to be jumping to conclusions. Keep the contact going and see what happens.
    Him being open and honest about the other girls is a good sign.

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