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I was texting my girlfriend the other day and I accidentally spelled another girls name,its her name but I was a letter wrong so it was another name. I was just typing real fast. Anyway she was livid and I really got a lot of trouble for it. I know why they'd get mad but what's the first thing your thinking if that happens? is he joking? or is he cheating?


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  • I would assume it was a typo if it was only one letter off. If it kept happening though, I would be a bit suspicious.


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  • Honestly, if she can't accept you mistyping her name by one letter on one occasion then the problem is with her. She has some kind of underlying trust issues if that's got her in such an uproar. The average girl should either know before you tell her you mistyped her name that that's what happened, or accept your excuse and move on.