what made you decide you wanted to date a particular person?

So you met a guy/girl, talked a bit and decided you wanted to date and get to know him/her better.
What specifically makes you decide to go further?
Looks? Attitude? Character?

maybe you can cite concrete examples from previous people you've dated?
Like, her smile was so captivating, or he was such a gentleman for doing this and that


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  • pretty much what you said, even in that order XD

    i mean it´s just logical, because it´s the order of what you know about a person first.

    the three point can outweigh each other though, if one is very remarkable. looks is probably the strongest one though. at least for guys.

    • Huh, I didn't even notice it was in order. Thanks though :)

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  • Looks and attitude, then I found out about their character during dates

  • me and my boyfriend were best friends before we started dating... We met through another one of my guy friends... It was definitely the idea of having someone that I already know almost everything about that got me to date him... It was like nothing about my family or friends could embarrass me in front of him, and everything was so easygoing... so basically being friends first, and his character brought us together... and it worked out, because in a few weeks, we would be dating for a year

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