First date went really well but now she isn't texting back. What should I do?

Hi! So I met a girl at a party a few weeks ago and we went out 2 days ago. We met for coffee and then went for a walk which turned out to be a pretty long one. She seemed really into me and I could feel a connection as we spent about 2-3 hours together. I even kissed her before the end of the date and when she was leaving. She seemed to be into it! I even teased her a few times like I'd take her hand to hold and then accuse her of holding hands too early. I think she liked it, she kind of pushed me away in a playful way. So I texted her when I got home asking if she got home okay. She said 'yup! Thanks! Did you get home?' So I sent back 'yeah I did! I had a great time tonight'
Now it's been 2 days and I haven't heard from her. Should I try texting again or whatever do you guys think? Thanks!


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  • give her time.


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