Thus girl likes me only for my looks, what do I do?

I am not trolling and i am. ot very handsome though this girl i talk to on Skype seems to like me only for my looks. She is not attractive by the way and kinda desperate, u know the typical fangirl of every celeb with abs and putting photoshopped photos of her with them and she is 21 which makes it weirder. We had camsex quite a few times and then she said she just wanted to have fun, now she almost cries because i dont lile her that way. How do i escape this?

And yeah when i asked her why she likes me, her reply was coz i am hot, she is crazy


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  • Block and delete.

    • Would u at least read the description, i am not trolling i am fuckin serious

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    • Oh i thought u were talking about blocking and deleting the q or sth lol.

      U see the thing is she is obsessed, if i delete her, she might end up being depressed and crying a lot

    • She'll get over it. Continuing to feed her obsession is just cruel. It's better to disappear and force her to move on.

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