Dating an ex and trying to move forward?

So me and my ex have been on an off through the years. Always saying it was over but coming back. We had a bad break up and i feel im still recovering even thou its been 7 months since we talked. She lives 2 hours away because of school but i see her every other week. We decided to keep it low key which i have no problem with as long as she keeping it real.

dating girls after the break up told me i couldn't let things slide and that i would have to catch her on bs. She tells me she want this to work. I understand she's busy and we dont have to text every second. Im taking all this slow until we both strong for the relationship. I sent her a text in the morning and didn't get a reply... but she had a snapchat of a dog. It wasn't hers. I text her why it takes her forever to text back. And she tells me she going shopping... I know shell call and ask what's wrong and i dont know if i have the right to say anything... honestly i wish I could not care so much.. What do y'all think. We dated for three year before things got rocky if that helps


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  • Move forward and keep her out of your life. Meet new nice girls :)


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  • You're her booty call get rid.


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