What am I doing wrong on these dates?

I've been on 8 dates in the past 2 weeks. I act like a jerk by making fun of her and show off my money and my possesions.

I bring them to expensive places, I never walk them to the door, I give them attitude. Yet I'm getting rejected.

I thought girls loved jerks and rich men. Even when I try to be a nice guy they go to the washroom and never return.

What am I doing wrong? HELP?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • just because girls want a "bad guy" doesn't mean they wanna be treated like shit! we still wanted to be treated great and wanted but we want it to be interesting. act like a gentleman on a date, don't talk about money, hold the door and pay for the meal. but a little hard to get is always fun. girls like the chase and not someone who is gonna be up our asses and annoying. personally I like a good morning text but sometimes I like not getting anything then I keep looking at my phone all day then I finally get a "what are you up too" or "how is your day" text and I like it more

    • so you like boring convocations... interesting.

    • uh no... I'm saying that if you are a complete jerk or up my ass too much is doing just as much damage... you have to keep it interesting and not be a dick...

    • I think I got it

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What Girls Said 2

  • You are treating these girls horribly. I can't imagine why a girl would enjoy being treated like that and fall for a guy who does

    • you girls do like to be treated badly. I never understood why.

    • Um actually we don't. No one likes to be treated badly, not men or women. If someone is in an abusive relationship then they are stupid and even then they still don't like being abused. You make fun of me and you will get a drink thrown in your face.

    • i learned something new. Thanks.

  • I fucking love how do you loooove to get blocked XD

    I love your questions XD


What Guys Said 6

  • You didn't ask them to block you by any chance

  • Bro why are you trying to be an asshole to get girls. Just be yourself man, a girlfriend is literally a friend who is a girl who you also put your dick in. Your friends don't like you because you're an asshole with money, they like you because you're you. So just be you man meet girls ask them on a date if it works out great if not then they weren't good for you... There's no secret bro be yourself.

  • Absolutely nothing. Keep doing what you're doing bro and I'm not being sarcastic at all. True story.

  • Not sure if troll or...

  • Lol man hahaha

  • Have you considered having yourself tested for mental or developmental disorders?