Guys, How much and how do I text a guy? do guys care about texting?

Do you care or/and like if a girl text you a lot?

Im very inexperienced when it comes to dating, and when i think about the last date i had with a guy (last weekend) he seems like a guy that is after more then just a hook up. He messaged me twice the day after the date, but we have barely texted since theb and the last thing we said to eachother was "good night" about 2 days ago.

I have no idea how often i should text, especially since the last guy i talked to/was seeing messaged me 3-4 times a week on average (we talked a lot over text or facebook). And i have no idea if the guy even care about stuff like that...

So any advice? im kinda clueless?


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  • i guess u should avoid textin every hr... textin's good if u text like 2-3 times//day or so

    • ofc, im not going to text him everyday... but do you think he even thinks about texting? do you think he analyzes is at much as i do?

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    • well we cannot tell yet since u haven't messaged him... so...

    • i guess you're right...

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  • I only text in some occasions (when her phone just answers with the voice mail or when we're in a foreign country: roaming costs are HIGH in Europe .

    • but is it something thats important to you? do you think guys in general think about/analyze is as much as girls do, or like i do`?

    • I prefer to phone.

  • I would find it annoying if she sent me text messages, (if I had a cell phone). When I want to talk to her, I will just call her up.

  • I hate text personally. It's so impersonal and has completely no tone of voice. So you really can't get a point across without adding some expression to the words being said or read. Most men like someone to be direct and straight forward. Not playing some sort of guessing game

    • So texting = playing gamles in your opinion?

    • Not really. But when you are just getting to know someone it can be troublesome to determine ones meaning and tone when simply reading texts. It's better after you know the person well and know of their demeanor and way of speaking. Then you can better understand their text. Otherwise, by not knowing someone, the text/words can be taken out of context and it's true meaning

  • I heard there's like a certain ratio