How do I get him back?

I was afraid of getting close to him & letting him in and scared of being hurt by him, so ultimetly I ended up pushing him away. I think he feels I completed rejected him. The problem is from both sides because we never really talked about what we were or how we felt about eachother so since I have major trust issues, I assumed he only wanted to hook up. But now I dont know if thats the case or if he did like me too?

I really want to talk to him but I don't know how to bring it up to him that I want to talk. What should I say when I message him. I want to do it in person


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  • is he mad at u atm? if not u can always talk 2 him then and ask how he ffeels bout u, i guess...

    • Im not sure if he's mad, but we went camping for a few days and he didn't try to hangout with me or really talk to me, and was with some other girl...

    • was he starin at u, or not even this?

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  • Just message him and arrange plans to meet up. Once you meet up tell him exactly how you feel, honesty is the best policy😂. I'm sure he will take you back if you tell him exactly how you feel. Good luck!!

    • Yes, but the problem was we never really defined what we were so I dont know what he felt for me..

  • live your life and he will come back.

    • Even if I hurt him potentially?

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