We cuddled for hours. I don't know how I should take it? Open to dating or FWB? How do I ask? ? (LONG)?

This guy & i met about a year ago The first day we met, we later stayed on the phone for 10+ hours. We constantly talk. He's a truck driver so he's gone for one - two months at a time and is home for about a week sometimes 1-3 days, depending.

We Skype & text a lot. Due to scheduling & time zone issues sometimes, we went almost a week without talking due to missing each others calls etc but when he's home and has all this free time we talk almost all day.

I met him online. Real random. We clicked right off the bat. We have a lot in common and have spoken about dating before but he was hesitant because of his career and him being gone all the time and not being able to give enough attention (which I've noticed, but I'm willing) so we would get in a few arguments about it and I'd ignore him for a while.
at the time, we would end up having phone sex casually and speaking about day to day events and just everything on our minds, our heart - we feel the same exact way about being hurt, the way we take things, the way we think about things, how being hurt by someone affected us.

He's taken words right out of my mouth and me too and it's REAL.
we've been calling each other best friends for the last 6 months and we still speak a lot even though I stopped the phone sex since I wanted more out of it and felt like he didn't want to try with me..
He still stayed the same with me when we spoke and skyped. We flirt a lot. he's loaned me money when I needed it. and has been wonderful.
Well we met up recently when he was back in town and it was our first time in person other than Skype video and text aand phone and we ended up cuddling for about 8 hours and making out off and on but passionately. We did a couple of sexual things, but no intercourse. He had romantic music on. He apologized in person for something he did. Called me nice names. Kept wanting my kisses. didn't pressure me. And was simply OKAY wi

also while we were cuddling,
he was caressing my face - my entire face! cheeks, eyebrows, nose, lips
he kept touching my lips and telling me to do a kiss face and then he would smile and put the finger on his lips. he kept his hands in my hair and face


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  • just ask him!