Any one have good experiences with blind meet ups?

I am suppose to meet this guy this weekend, whom I meet on Match. com. He seems legit and I checked him out on various sites. So I know he is a real person, but I am nervous about meeting this guy. I am worried he will be a weirdo, etc but nothing he has done has given me that impression. (We are meeting in a public place so it is safe)


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  • Yes, I've had online dates and a REAL blind date.

    I don't count online dates as blind dates because you still get to text, talk or see their photos. Blind dates are completely blind, no text, no call, nothing.

    The online dates I've had were OK. I've only been on four and I was catfished once by a chick who posted up old photos of herself when she was thin. She's a big girl now. But whatever, you can either be a complete douche about it or you can go with the flow, I went with the flow. Yes, she lied, but whatever. Take it in stride and don't let it ruin the night, you're already there aren't you? So that's my advice if the dude turns out to be something different than what you expect, don't get weird about it. Have fun but don't go on that second date if it means that much to you.

    As for Blind Dates I've only been on one. Friend hooked me up with his niece-in-law. I mean, I texted her where to meet and when but that was it. No pics, no talking, nothing. She was cute, ended up dating her for like six months before the usual relationship problems, then it ended.

    So, don't get weirded out is what I'm saying. Meet in a public place and let that be the end of it. Don't look too far into it or anything. Take it for what it is.

    • Thanks for your answer. I must ask... the usual relationship problems?

      I actually know what he looks like because i have seen his facebook pictures and older pictures.. plus he send me a recent picture he took this week. So I have a good idea of what he looks like. I am just nervous.

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    • Ha, yes I know what you meet by the vested part! I actually told this guy I just wanted to meet him and may become friends out of it. He had a red flag right away as he told me he smoked pot but he used this for going through chemo he said. Either way, I knew this wouldn't be the type of guy I wanted to date but I was all about meeting new people. So I wasn't falling in love, but I was more frustrated with this is not the first time a guy said one thing that we would meet up or hang out and get to know each other a little bit and then fall back. That is what hurts. I seem to constantly have guys say these things to me and then never follow through. This was the first guy I thought was going to follow through so I was excited.

      Ha, I know of the show you are talking about but have not really watched it. I find the show a little bit of a joke because I feel you should get to know the person before marrying a person or it will end up in divorce.

    • Yeah, I thought it was a joke because you can't give people the ability to opt out. I don't think that's a real marriage.

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  • Yes, I had a very good experience with a blind meet up. She was very pretty and interesting. We talked from 2 AM until dawn. Be careful, though: there are some weirdos out there, and some people have had very bad experiences, even when it wasn't a completely "blind" meet up. Make sure your closest friends or relatives know the details of the meeting (when, where, etc.) just in case.

    • Thanks! But unfortunately the meet up is not happening. The guy started lying/playing games yesterday. Like straight up saying that he was somebody else crap. Showing me a different picture, etc. I do not have time for that. It definitely hurt because I was looking forward to meeting him. But it for the better. Everything happens for a reason, right? :)

    • You're welcome. Well, one less thing for you to care about, at least.

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  • nope never have.

    • Did you ever meet up with anyone? Or your just saying you never had good experiences?

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