Guys would You refuse to date an emotional girl with emotional issues? Please Read?

Im vert emotional Person i was in a Relationship for three years he said he doesn't want to ne with me cause of my emotional issues...

i have This insecurity about him liking other girls or crushing on them he would comment on There girls pictures telling them they are extremly attractive or gourgouse... and we had a talk about gis likes for blondes he said i won't lik anything else besides You... then after the talk i didn't complain about anything or argued but yees i had some complaints about m'y life cause things werent going well... he then one Day came off saying i like blondes and said some are prettier and i like other things besides You... i felt very awful... I don't know he know how i feel for him but anyways i left him... i think it was cause i had a lot of complaints... i still feel awful...

iv taken thearapy for my emotional issues but it didn't make any string change... im Just very emotional... and i am insecure but not so Much after i have a talk and dont repeat it again...
and please no mean answers...


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  • I stopped reading after the third sentence.

    Answer: Yes, I would refuse to date you. I would catch that right away and dump you on the spot.

    Why: Because it's drama and I've been down that road before. You won't change unless you want to, unless you desire to get over it. I can't help you with that. I'm not about to try. This is something you need to do by yourself.

    That's basically it. It's just baggage. You're a big girl, learn to control yourself and your insecurities. I'm sure you can find a guy to put up with that but why would you want to make someone suffer? Change now before you get in a relationship. Also, it doesn't hurt if you have other good qualities that make it more worthwhile to stay with you. I'm just being honest here but if you cook and clean then a lot of guys are probably more likely to overlook the drama. Just saying.

    • Please Read the rest... il appriciate ur current answer... and yea im Great at cooking and love trying new things... plus im compromising on alott of levels.. im Just very possessive toward him liking another girl is all

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    • Yes il tone down the complaining definatley... i was really insecure too but only cause things in life werent well but now they are fine im ok now... im Just sad he left but il start over again...

      Thanks for you input on this

    • No problem, any time. Like I said, you don't sound that bad. The fact that you know what you need to improve says a lot about you. Some people think they're perfect, that's a red flag.

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  • That might be a little to much for me to handle but somebody could

    • Im not very hard... but he left me after 3 years... im scared il be alone...

    • You will meet someone. I'm too hard and abrupt

  • Yes I would like to help her feel happy and loved.

  • Been there and done that I broke my back to help her out, never again will I put myself through this

  • That's the real douchbag


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  • I've been in your spot before and let me tell you this,

    Only you can fix yourself. You can find any guy to fill that void but that's because you need it not WANT it. What you are experiencing is that you NEED your boyfriend to do certain things in order to feel loved.

    He doesn't need to do this, he should want to do it. So if it's a need, he'll walk away because he wants to feel wanted and not needed.

    Start working on yourself, go work out, go for counselling, chill with friends.

    Basically, love yourself before loving someone else so that you will realize that in the end he chose YOU. And not another girl that he has seen on the street.

    • Im Just very possessive towards him.. I don't know whhy i am so Much...

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    • I need That from a Guy... if i have it from him im really happy... but i had other problème in my life and i complaint alott...

    • No one can provide you that need. Only yourself...

      Try to attempt to fix those problems instead of running away from them.

      Abd complaining makes things worse.

  • You need kindness in your life. Not many guys can think of anyone else but themselves. It will be extremely hard for you to find this elusive chap