I am Annoyed with him, Advice?

I have been taking to this guy for a good awhile now and I am annoyed with him right now, my best friend is having a birthday party for her one year daughter which is this Saturday. She said I could invited him along, so I called and ask him if him and his son wanted to home to her party and he said that is son is in west Virginia and I understand that and then he told me he doesn't know about his plans, long story short it makes me mad that he can't make a plan with me and go with the party with me but instead and say I don't if have plans, I feel like he has to wait and see if he can go if nothing important comes up. Maybe I am overreacting or maybe I am not but I feel rejected. I just need advice if I am overreacting or not and If I am not what should I do?

I need advice... please


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  • You are not a priority. Translation: he is not serious about you. Sorry
    Move on