Was he being a jerk? what should do?

I met him on okcupid and went on a date yesturday night, he text me sweetheart and hings in rth e morning and i go l lol sweetheart isn't it a little early for nicknames and he's like im just joking and then sends "Did you think I was serious/" This beyond pissed me off because I have if someone is dishonest with me or just does it to cover there bum. I dont want to talk to him anymore and i responded passive agressively.

Im not good at expressing myself what should i have said


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  • Bad deal on both ends you hurt his feelings

    • Im not used to affection, he knows this but u=is that what people do after a date?;/ i was hoping to hang out for a while and see if we want to be serious

    • Tell him what your telling me and tell him lets see how things go and say I did have a good time with you and would love to go out again with you

  • Simple mis-communication...
    Say hi, act like it never happened, should be fine


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