Am I in Love? or Do I love him?

So I've liked my best friend in a more than best friend way for some time now, and he likes me back, but I always get butterflies when he's around, I always feel the happiest with him, He just gives me this feeling that I really enjoy. So Am I in Love or do I just Love him. He's said it couple times to me, but under his breath, but I can't seem to figure out if he means it like a friendly way or if he actually loves me. We've been dating for a bit now, so I'm not sure.


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  • the simple answer is no. love is what comes after the butterflies. not saying that what you have isn't real or any of that garbage. you are still in the moonwalking stage where things are new and wonderful not without its issues but still the highlight of your life right now.
    love comes into play once he becomes a casual everyday part of your life and while you could do without talking to him everything is just made better by the fact that you can share it with he one person you know understands why it makes you happy without you telling them. you will still get those butterflies every often but they have settled out.
    keep going at it like you are and he will make it clear to you soon whether he loves you like a friend or like a lifetime partner.


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