What should I do?

Ok so I asked this girl out a couple weeks ago for a few drinks, she said yes, she was busy the next week so she asked about the week after? I texted her a week before we were gonna go out saying "Hey :) Let me know next week if you're free if you still fancy going out for a drink :)" she replied with "Okies will do ☺ xxxxx" but still hasn't text me and it's Friday now, don't want to seem desperate by texting her again, what should I do?


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  • She could be busy, something could have come up, or she could be blowing you off. But a small first date like drinks is very casual and people end up flaking (trust me, someone I know did this several times in a row) because they don't see it as an important commitment. I often fall into the same pattern of being the initiator in social situations. You can only try to get somewhere with a person several times before it's just wise to cease too much contact and let them come to you. Don't worry yourself and go about your business.

    • So should I wait for her to text me then?

    • Yes, wait. If she couldn't get back to you over such a simple matter, she doesn't deserve too much of your attention until she shows you some attention. And don't take it personal. There's a guy I'm becoming friends with who is genuinely busy and has his attention pulled in a million different directions because he's an entertainer, so I can't get too worked up about having to start conversations. I'm currently waiting for him to make the next move. Be cool, don't let it be one sided.

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