She not ready for a relationship?

So this girl and i have started talking. She recently just got out of a relationship so she not ready to jump to another nor does she trust her self to maintain one. We went on a date and it was very nice. I told myself I wouldn't have sex with her knowing we both wasn't ready. But she did kiss me and turned me on which was hard to deny her. I wanted her in all respect. She was the girlfriend type.

so we kind of got into it. I mean I've never did this slow thing with any girl. So texting started becoming one worded but talking was better. She posted a snapchat of her friend dog. Oh yea she goes to school thats like 2 hours away but i do she her every other week. She has her own place and I know the dog ain't there. So i tell her and she said its her friend who is a guy.

So i ask her who is he and she tells me nothing like is going on and that i can't tell her who she can and can't hang out with. I know that but if we doing this i just dont want to be looking dumb. I know she wants to be with me, but not now when she doesn't trust herself... but again i dont want to lose her... how am I going to last?


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  • Let her have some time, get to know about each other first. And if you wanna get into a relationship, trust is most important, so you guys got to work it out. Try getting to know her for some time and decide if you like all of her. You won't lose her that way.

    • I have no problems with letting her have some time. I just dont want her messing with someone while she is...

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    • Trust. Its been so long since I've trusted someone. I always get lied to or played with... i guess I'll trust her, but i guess right now texting is the problem... she'll most likely reply with "yea" "no" and "w. e" and i dont know what that could mean. I know from past relationships it means their texting someone else more... suck when their 2 hours away it's hard to really know anything even when they tell you its nothing, but their actions say otherwise

    • Yea i know.. it sucks. And usually the more you trust someone the more disappointed you'll get eventually. Anyways, good luck! You need it

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