Date today not confirmed - make other plans?

I'm supposed to go on a first date today with a guy from Tinder. A week ago he asked if I wanted to grab a coffee or two, so I said Friday this week works well - and he agreed. We texted a bit back and forth on Wednesday and I said "give me a time and place and I'll be there". He said will do. I also said that it would be great if we could meet later in the evening, so I can work out first - he said of course that's no problem. Two days later, the morning of the date, I still haven't heard from him regarding a place and time.

We both agree its creepy how much we have in commom and he seems very interested, but is this a red flag? At what point should I just make other plans?

I'm not about to "nag" him for details...


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  • Hmm... I would say two hours before you would want to meet up ask again. At that point you have nothing to lose as if he does not arrange a date anyway, then you won't hear form hi again. maybe he is unsure of his own schedule, he may have other possible plans for a Friday night...

    • Either way, just say you are trying to figure out your evening and that is not pushy at all...

    • Clearly i jumped the gun, he just texted me asking what time works best:) thanks so much for your help!😃

    • No problem! I know the excitement, my current girlfriend and I met on tinder about 6 months ago. Unfortunately we were too busy for one reason or another to meet for like 2 weeks! Hope you have fun tonight and he is what you think! though from my experience, the best tinder dates were those I went into with no expectations, but still exciting, especially with someone nice and not just fooling around on there

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  • lol at thinking this is going to be anything serious. He's spinning plates with different girls on tinder. Might of found a better option and haven't replied back to you.

    • Haha he just wrote a loong ass text asking how I was, when to meet, asking if I wanna grab food too etc etc. I've met plenty of good guys from Tinder, and yes - a lot of them are easy manwhores. But not all! :p

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  • In my experience guys usually text a few hours before a date to firm things up.

    • And that's exactly what I just experienced.:)) thanks!:)