Stuck in a love triangle, help me?

So long story short, im kind of torn between two amazing guys, each one offering different traits and hence, paths in my life. I am currently 18, a senior in highschool and graduating in a few months. Basically, I was with my ex (lets call him Jack) for over 2 years and I practically grew up with him. We broke up due to him having to move countries. But we kept in touch and are still 'inlove' though not necessarily together. However, recently I've been having really strong feelings towards a guy (lets call him Tom) and Im not sure where to go from here. I made a bit of a pros and cons list

-I know he trully loves and cares about me (vice versa)
-Safer option (ive known him for longer and vice versa)
-More mature
-I completly trust him
-He is older (he is 22)
-Long Distance (physical contact is very important to me)

-I see him everyday (Same school)
-Very kind
-I dont know him that well
-Might just be lust (i miss my ex/looking for an excuse not to get back together with ex)
-Short termed (he won't last past highschool)

Any advice?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • How long is Jack in that other country? Is there any possibility of him coming back or you going there? Are you sure Jack isn't having the same dillema about you and "Sarah" (the oh-so-hot foreign girl there)?

    Anyway, you're just 18. You still have a lot to live. Do not overthink too much. If you feel like Tom is better for you (hardly, as he will be just like a 'passtime' as you said he will not last longer than a couple of months), go for him.

    Keep in mind just this: do not play with other people's hearts and feelings, please, but be honest to yourself always.


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  • That is not a love triangle that is you not being able to forget the older guy who is in another country. So with the new guy and forget the older one who left.


What Girls Said 2

  • find someone better

  • Long distance relationship at your age is a bad idea. You are still growing, just finding out who you are, finding your place in the world and all that. If you like that Tom guy, go for it. I say break it off with Jack. At least temporarily. The chances are, neither of those relationships will be for life. With that said, at least you will be able to enjoy your boyfriend every day.

    • yeah I think you are right, I just feel really attached to jack because of our extensive history together. I feel a bit possessive over him if anything

    • It's not gonna be easy, but that's just the way life is sometimes...