How do you date? any advice?

Any advice on dating a guy or what to do in the beginning if you want to date a guy?

Im actually clueless and im not sure what to expect or whats normal and yeah...

I went on a date with a guy, and we have messaged very little since then.. the last guy i talked to messaged me a lot so when we dont do it i can't help but feel a bit insecure..

So how do i know if he's interested in going on more dates, or how do i know hom much i should text and/or call him? etc.. I seriously have no idea how to handle the situation


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  • He likes you if he wants to see you again soon, like the next day or two. Then reserves the weekends for you and wants to be with you when he can. I never texted, I always called, but if texting is how you communicate I'd say if he texted "I can't wait to see you " would be a good sign.

    • well he text med the day after the date twice, but we haven't talked since Tuesday night... and texting or calling a lot is a universal guy thing? is it a bad sign if he hasn't texted me sicne tuesday?

    • If he doesn't text or call you by Saturday that would not be good in my opinion. If the guy is interested he'll want to see you in person frequently, that being at least twice a week.

    • Well im not overly positive about him texting me by then

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  • Right now I don't. Dating is a pain, expensive, and emotionally taxing. I'd rather just skip straight to the relationship stage, but women still expect to be courted in this day and age.

    If he was interested, he'd make that fact known. You can count on that. Don't get hung up on people who don't text back.

    • i guess you're right... but the thing is that i haven't texted him (or him not texing me if you will) since Tuesday.. so its not like he's igoring me... should i just assume he's not into me and i won't hear from him again?

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    • "Age 18-24" Stop being so dramatic :p

    • Im not... if it honestly wasn't a problem I wouldn't react like this.. its something about me that guys find very unattractive and I have no idea what im doing wrong. . Maybe you dont get it because things like this wasn't or isn't a problem for you

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