Should I move on since I can't get over it or that too much?

okay so couple of months ago when we had just started dating my boyfriend we had gotten a guitar for a friend of his together. the following week he went out with that friend and she saw something really expensive and she really liked but she didn't get it. So next time when he was free he got it for her as a birthday gift even when we had already gotten one and he tried to hide it when he bought it. I didn't say anything about it cause hey they are friend right...
so after a couple of months it was my birthday and i did the same, we went out shopping and saw something i really liked but he didn't get it for me, which is upsetting me, is it right of me to get uoset over it cause he didn't get it for me but her did for this female friend of his?


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  • This is one of those extra hard questions to answer simply because most are either goibg to feel like a hypocrite for saying it or not want to agree with you even though they do.

    First let me in true southern style defend what he did before ripping him apart. First things first you need to ask yourself if you trust him. If you do then great. Trust your gut on that one and dont let this bother you too much because if he really wanted to be with her and not you then he would be.

    He could have any number of legit reasons for having not gotten you then gift; having gotten something that he thought would be better. Not having the money at that point to afford it.

    now then regaurdless how legit his reason might be it is still shameful that he did not at least offer you a heartfelt apology for the whole thing. You have every right to be upset by it and to talk to him about it. However you should not attack him over the situation until you know what happened. And I also suggest giving him a little guilt grief over it for a week or so to make sure the message sinks in. This is not however break up worthy in and of its self

    • I do trust him, i just feel hurt that he had to hide the present he bought for her and when it was my birthday i felt like he hadn't paid any attention to me as to what i had wanted

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  • i feel bad.. really.. this is such an idiotic thing to do... i would not get over it myself... let him go and buy things for those bimbos..

    • If could let him go i would have then but then it would be kind of shallow... no?