Single mom re entering the dating world and bumps into first love no clue how to date or what things mean?

To start it off about 2 years ago I was was pregnant , my ex boyfriend which I never ever got over contacted me which wasn't odd over the course of 10 years we have never gone more then a couple months without talking but this time was different he confessed his love his regret of letting me go and that I was his soul mate his best friend and he's been waiting for me but now he wants to fight for me he wanted to adopt my children and make a life together , I chose to focus on my kids even tho I have dreamt of him saying all that for 10 years , I have been single since have my dream job have an amazing life now that I've entered back into dating bam guess who I run into and we want to start it off as friends go slow and see what happens. The problem is I have no clue on earth what that means lol he's terrified of me hurting him where he has put up a huge wall , he's already gotten my heart but I'm respecting the fact he wants to take things slow , we text everyday and once a week we go on a date he lives 1 and a half hrs away , the thing is I'm just as terrified and he's the only one that makes me over think EVERYTHING lol I don't know if it's just my fears or what but I'd figure since he professed his love last time was fighting for me was calling me non stop to just hear my voice asked if I'd move closer or he could adopt my kids , now he will subtly flirt if I initiate , only called once , and won't really share any emotion , but when we are together we both are kids again laughing non stop holding each other he even runs at me and twirls me around when he sees me we kiss non stop he tells me I take his breathe away , then he leaves and nothin... I'm scared outta sight out of mind I can't tell if I'm just a glutton for punishment or just to blind to see this guys crazy for me but just genuinely wants to take it slow


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  • Ask him what take it slow means to him


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