Good idea for a date or no?

So the children's hospital near my area are having a carnival in December. They called me today to ask if I wanted tickets. Each ticket cost $20 and it goes to the kids. There is this guy I plan to ask on a date. I have never been to a carnival but I think it could be fun. They said I have two weeks to decide. I plan to call him when I get the envelope telling me more about it.

What do you think? Good idea for a date or not? He and I can split the cost. If he is busy or we have class that day, I just tell them I can't go so I don't have to pay until I know.

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  • Great idea! But then again I love carnivals and fairs. The atmosphere is just so lovely!


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  • Great idea!

  • good idea...

  • Just ask him as a friend. It would probably put a lot of pressure on him/make him feel really uncomfortable if you asked as a "date".

    • Oh well. I kinda can't ask him as a friend cause yeah. I can say that we can hang out at the carnival though.

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    • Or, not? Either way, I hope you have fun at the event.

    • Thank you.

What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely a good idea. Ask him out as a friend, maybe that'd be a great start.

    • I can't ask him as a friend but I will call it hanging out