Should I confront her?

I have this female friend with whom I had really good interaction. So after like knowing eachother for 3 months, i asked her out. She felt awkward and so did I just by asking. She first said we are friends and after a few days she told me we should go out. Now we are 2 weeks further and one day she's sweet and talks a lot and the next day she's ice-cold and ignores a text or responds like the next day. Now we are in our last 2 weeks of finals and she currently has a new place so she's busy with that also. But I want to confront her about this. Should I do this now or wait until the stress-phase has passed away. And could there be a reason she is playing this game? Also she's less talkative with others during classes and stuff also. She usually goes home right after class now.

  • Confront her but wait till the 2 weeks pass
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  • Confront her asap
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  • I think "confronting" is the wrong word and the wrong way to go.
    You can ASK her (in person of course) how the move is going and that you just wanted to know if everything is OK with her, as she has been a bit off these last days. Ask if you can help with anything, like putting up closets or whatever needs a helping hand and offer to bring pizza.
    It does not sound to me as if she is playing games. She just sounds really busy and stressed. you even noticed her being less talkative in general and heading straight home. Confronting her in the sense of the word, will seem controlling and insecure. she will get defensive and you guys will not resolve anything. having a fight with a clingy boyfriend is the last thing anyone needs when they are in finals.

    If the situation continues well beyond this stressful times you can very well bring it up, but always in a calm and accepting mindset.


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  • better w8 till stress fades away i believe